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WIP 1: April 3, 2005
WIP 2: April 18, 2005
WIP 3: May 24, 2005
WIP 4: May 31, 2005
WIP 5: July 2, 2005
WIP 6: August 1, 2005
WIP 7: November 9, 2005
WIP 8: January 23, 2006

Welcome to the KOTOR2 Restoration Project! We've been working on this for about a month now and we'd like to share with the public what we've worked on thus far. This is our first WIP page, hopefully the first of several. For more general information about the Restoration Project, click here.

Ebon Hawk Scenes

The two Atton-T3 Pazaak cutscenes have been fixed, scripted, and restored with the unused additional dialogue. Some extra script work is being done so that there is an additional shot of the Exile playing pazaak with Atton.

The unused mindreading scene, in which your party members believe you to be dead, has been fixed and revised (related to a sidequest).

Bao-Dur and HK-47's unused upgrade cutscenes will be triggerable (related to the HK Factory sidequest).

The Disciple's two Telos-communication-related cutscenes can be triggerable without certain influence requirements (related to a Malachor Betrayal).

HK Factory

The restoration of the first half (Czerka military base sublevel) of HK-47's personal sidequest is approximately 90% complete; Many fixes and subtle revisions to implement the level as described in the fragments of gameplay programmer notes...

Malachor Betrayals

Also known as "Atton vs. Disciple" and "Handmaiden vs. Visas," the cutscenes in which your unfavored love interest turns on the favored as they search the depths of Malachor for Darth Traya have been scripted and restored.

Malachor Endings

Additional endings that include the various NPCs and unused dialogue have been plotted out for restoration.

Music Restoration

Strides have been made to remaster the game's soundtrack from its original quality (MONO, 10 kHz freq. response, 48 kbit/s MP3-encoded) to 16-bit STEREO with full 44 kHz sampling rate. The following preview contains two pairs of K2 music clips for MONO-STEREO comparison.
  • KotOR 2 STEREO Sampler
  • KotOR 2 STEREO Sampler Readme

Nihilus Confrontation

Several unused Nihilus confrontation chat branches are in the process of being scripted and restored. These options provide additional interactions with Visas and alternate opportunities to gain Dark Side points.