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WIP 1: April 3, 2005
WIP 2: April 18, 2005
WIP 3: May 24, 2005
WIP 4: May 31, 2005
WIP 5: July 2, 2005
WIP 6: August 1, 2005
WIP 7: November 9, 2005
WIP 8: January 23, 2006

Welcome to the KOTOR2 Restoration Project! For more general information about the Restoration Project, click here.

The first major patch for KotOR 2 has recently been released. Luckily, none of our work was affected by this patch, so we experienced no setbacks. Anyway, onto the updates for this WIP.

HK Factory

Mostly just detail and touch-up tasks, like conduit explosions and cutscene enhancements, remain for the Czerka Military Base Sublevel.
Work on the HK Factory level has started and it current sits at approximately 60% completion. Unfortunately, this phase of development will progress more slowly than the Military Base Sublevel because much of this level is unscripted.

Malachor V

We're in the process of restoring the sealed off and unused areas in the Trayus Academy. The following screenshot shows the restored the map image for the Trayus Proving Grounds (previously missing several rooms and hallways), and we plan to do some content work in those areas as well.

Music Restoration

Because Obsidian Entertainment has declared that the next game patch will feature improved music and movies, we have halted our music restoration efforts.