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WIP 1: April 3, 2005
WIP 2: April 18, 2005
WIP 3: May 24, 2005
WIP 4: May 31, 2005
WIP 5: July 2, 2005
WIP 6: August 1, 2005
WIP 7: November 9, 2005
WIP 8: January 23, 2006

We're testing a new idea: audio progress updates. If reaction is positive to these samples/tests we might continue them. If not the updates will likely be more spread out (month or 2 between).

Give us your feedback, impressions, ideas and suggestions over at any of the forums or the irc channel (if you want more depth, less depth, if the audio quality should be higher/lower, etc). We'd also ask that if you'd like to listen to them multiple times, please download them so as to keep our bandwidth happy.

JdNoa on the GenoHaradan
Dashus on the HK sidequest