Current Build: 0.4f2
Gameplay Fixes
Gameplay Tweaks

Gameplay Fixes

Any interim fixes that have not been remedied by any official patches prior to the release of this mod will be included in TSLRP (bolded author names are TSLRP team members).

To install: extract the zip file to the Override folder in your KotOR2 install directory. If this directory doesn't exist simply create it. A number of the zips contain a folder named 'source' which is non-essential for the fix and may be deleted if you wish.

Dxun Equation Puzzle Fix by tk102
This is an interim fix for a bugged terminal interaction (not fixed by the v1.0b patch) - if you exited the terminal screen to start over after inputting a wrong operator, the terminal will always consider any subsequent retried inputs to be incorrect as well. This fix was created by tk102 from the Holowan forum, but since it wasn't offered as a download and the thread has since been buried, here's the fix all packaged and ready to put in your Override folder.

Escaped Criminals Quest Fix by Razorfish
Interim fix for a bugged sidequest (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Alters area entrance case handling to more reliably spawn the escaped criminals in all the places they're supposed to spawn.

Fuel For Telos Quest Fix by Razorfish
[Updated January 6, 2006] Interim fix for a bugged sidequest (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Alters variable checking for quest-related dialogue and fixes the journal entries for the third and (missing) fourth step of the quest.

Handmaiden Training->Cutscene Fix by Razorfish
[Updated May 16, 2005] Interim fix for a sometimes bugged cutscene (not fixed by the v1.0b patch) that is played after "teaching" the Handmaiden, stranding you in the Hidden Academy afterwards. The update just changes the version from beta to 1.0, removes debug feedback, and adds source code to the download.

Hidden Compartment Fix by tk102
[Updated April 28, 2005] Interim fix for a sometimes-bugged spawning of the hidden compartment on the Ebon Hawk (not fixed by the 1.0b patch). This fix was created by tk102 from the Holowan forum, with some additional input by stoffe-mkb- and Razorfish.

Jedi Master Rendevous Fix by tk102, T7Nowhere and Razorfish
Interim fix for a bugged cutscene and related dialogue (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Fixes compiled by tk102.

Mira Spacesuit Fix by Tupac Amaru
[Updated December 17, 2005] Fix for the bug that sometimes has Mira in normal clothes instead of the spacesuit in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

Skippable Mebla Dialogue Fix by Razorfish
This is just a little change to make Mebla's dialogue skippable (she's the Pazaak player in the Citadel Station Cantina). Apparently, she's the only pazaak player whose dialogue you can't skip through...

Starport Visa Trade Fix by JdNoa and Razorfish
Interim fix for a bugged dialogue (not fixed by the v1.0b patch). Originally, if you agree to trade a Starport Visa for treasure and back out of the deal, you'll be screwed, because the dialogue takes away your visa anyway. This moves that script call further down in the dialogue so that you can correctly back out at the last minute if you want, and it also makes the treasure exchange dialogue options available if you traded your visa.

Telos Academy Imprisonment Cutscene Fix by Razorfish
Interim fix for a cutscene bug introduced by the v1.0b patch. Alters handmaiden.dlg so that it calls all the imprisonment steps for the "All right - we mean no harm." option. Someone else also independently implemented the same fix for the Handmaiden for Female PC mod, so if you want to use that mod with patch v1.0b, get Tupac Amaru's version of handmaiden.dlg in this post.

Tienn Tubb's Store Fix by Darth Aleera
This fix restores access to Tienn Tubb's store if you ask Tienn about his business.

Visas Teaches Force Sight Fix by Razorfish
[Updated April 19, 2005] Just released a tiny fix to allow you to ask Visas about Force Sight again if you failed her influence check the first time around. It is pretty evident from the rest of the dialogue that you were supposed to be able to ask her again after failure...

Gameplay Tweaks

Even though the project is not done yet, we've released a few miscellaneous tweaks we worked on inbetween development. Changes that will be included in TSLRP are marked with an asterisk.

3C-FD's XBox Dialogue Unlocked by Razorfish
This edited version of 3C-FD's dialogue file (for the tutorial level) gives you access to the XBox Live dialogue paths.

Nihilus-Visas In-Game Cutscene Tweak by Razorfish
[Updated September 26, 2005] For the Nihilus-Visas introduction cutscene, instead of playing the low resolution bink movie, the in-game cutscene that the movie was created from is played.

Rebalance and Crazy Rebalance by Aurora

  • drop all classes except Jedi Guardian, Soldier, Sith Marauder, Jedi Weaponmaster, Combat Droid, and, err, Tech Specialist down to BAB
  • make all skills class skills
  • give Guardians one extra feat and Combat Droids two extra feats
  • adjust poisons so they're slightly more lethal
  • slow down VP regeneration
  • give Tech Specialists an AC bonus

Workbench and Lab Station Skill Check Tweak by Razorfish
This alters generic workbenches and lab stations so that they use the maximum skill levels across all members of your current party for skill checks for creating items. In other words, you don't have to switch characters to get the highest level/benefit from a required skill in order to create items with a workbench or lab station (and they no longer only check against the Exile's skills).


Decompiled KotOR 2 Scripts by JdNoa
This is an archive of .nss scripts produced by DeNCS. It contains all the scripts from Kotor2 that DeNCS was able to decompile or partially decompile. (Partially decompiled ones are named *_compare_fails.nss or *_compile_fails.nss. If the script isn't in here, DeNCS couldn't do anything with it.). Inside the .zip, the scripts are compressed as a .7z file - this allows the archive to be 269kb instead of 3.9MB. :) But you will need an extractor that can handle 7zip files. WinRAR should work, or you could grab the free 7zip program. Uncompressed, this takes 31 MB of space.

Droid Factory and Droid Planet Modules
These are the original, unfinished, unmodified module files for the Droid Factory and Droid Planet salvaged from the XBox version of the game.

Ebon Hawk Entry Cutscene Conditions by JdNoa
List of the Ebon Hawk on-entry cutscenes and what variables are required to trigger them.

Long Intro Movie
This is the "long" version of the short introductory movie to be distributed with the mod. We are providing this download through BitTorrent. For those without a BT client we recommend Arctic. Just install Arctic, download the torrent and double-click it.
As a courtesy to others trying to download the file please leave your client open and do not delete your torrent file so as to help improve download speed.
It is also available for direct download here
You are free to host this executable bik elsewhere PROVIDED IT IS NOT MODIFIED IN ANY WAY.


These are KotOR 2 mod development tools released by the TLRSP team for your personal use. More excellent modding tools can be found here.

AniCam beta 3 by JdNoa
AniCam is an animated camera editor, for creating new animated camera models to use in your K2 .dlgs, or for looking at or editing the existing ones. Animated cameras are created by specifying times, positions (x, y, z coordinates), and orientations (heading, pitch, roll, in degrees). AniCam generates the .mdl and .mdx files. The new animated camera can be used in your .dlg by setting the appropriate fields. Details are in the readme. Written in Java; requires JRE 1.5 or later to run.

DeNCS beta 1 by JdNoa and Dashus
DeNCS takes a Kotor2 .ncs compiled script and attempts to generate a .nss source script that compiles identically. Failing that, it gives you its best guess at a script, and if that script compiles, lets you compare the generated script's pcode to the original ncs file's pcode. It can be memory intensive, especially on large scripts, so only run this on computers with 256 MB of RAM or more. Written in Java; requires the beta of JRE 1.6 or later to run.

LipSynch Editor by JdNoa
Allows editing of lipsynch (.lip) files for KOTOR 2. Written in Java; requires JRE 1.5 or later to run.

Module Builder by JdNoa and Dashus
Module Builder allows you to build erf and rim files by specifying the directories containing the files that should go into them. Written in Java; requires JRE 1.5 or later to run.