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Current Build: 0.4f2

Q: When will this mod be done?

A: We don't have a projected time of completion yet. However, rest assured that we will keep you updated as to our progress. You can check our Work In Progress page for details on what we're currently up to.

Q: I see a build version listed on the website. Where can I download it?

A: We haven't released a public version of the mod yet. This number serves to help track our progress. The downloadable version will be announced when finished.

Q: How can I help? Can I join the team?

A: At this time, we don't need any additional help. If we have any future needs, we'll make an announcement. Thanks for the interest.

Q: Will you add ____ ?

A: Our focus is on restoring the missing content that Obsidian Entertainment originally intended for the game.

We will be revealing more details about our restoration efforts in future progress reports, but if you would like to know whether or not we already have plans to work on a specific restoration, feel free to ask us in our forums.

Q: Are you fixing game bugs?

A: We have found and fixed a few dialogue and scripting related bugs. However, most of the problems in KotOR 2 are in the executable itself and are not things we can fix.

Q: Will your mod work with existing savegames?

A: While the mod will not cause any save games to become corrupt, any save made after Peragus may or may not offer you the ability to play everything the mod offers. If you've already played past certain points in the game, you may miss something that we've restored. So an early save (post-Peragus) or new game is recommended to get the full effect. We'll try to verify this again once the mod is closer to completion.

Q: I have the XBox version of the game and a (legally) modded XBox - will your mod work on it?

A: At this point we're unsure. There are reports that new model files (.mdl's) - which the mod will likely contain - do not work on the XBox. After our work is completed we may look into creating a more fully compatible version for the XBox.

Q: Are you working on the Droid Planet?

A: No, we are not currently working on restoring M4-78, the Droid Planet. The only material that exists for it is basically an outline and a couple of possibly incomplete voiceover sets. Storylining, scripting, writing dialogue and recording sounds for an entire planet, as well as working it into the plot of the rest of the game is beyond the scope of the project at the moment.

However, there is a separate team of mod developers currently working on restoring M4-78, and you can find out about that at their project website.

Q: Won't LucasArts shut down your project faster than you can blink?

A: As the copyright holder to the Knights of the Old Republic franchise, LucasArts can shut us down if they want to. However, we hope they realize that our project will benefit both their game and their customers.

There is strong evidence to suggest that LucasArts will not shut us down. In this press release, LucasArts states that they support the development and release of fan mods for their Star Wars games. Moreover, their officially sanctioned fan mod distribution website specifically indicates that Knights of the Old Republic II mods are welcome for submission.

Finally, our project is not like The Phantom Edit. We are not distributing an alternative, standalone product; We are not using this project to portray LucasArts or Obsidian Entertainment in a negative manner (and we also ask that our supporters respect this policy by refraining from using our project to portray LA or OE in a negative manner).